Auto Brand

auto_brandAuto Brand: The Car and Its Future

More than any other industry, the auto industry is brand-driven. The history of the industry is largely a history of brands. Industry researcher and branding expert Anders Parment discusses how the leading car brands survived the challenges of globalization, increasing safety requirements, scarce oil supplies, ever-growing competition, and environmental concerns–and thrived.

Based on original research, he charts the shift from over 40 leading manufacturers in 1970 to the current 10. Fascinating case studies support analysis of the role of the brand in the success and failure of an automobile company; a look at how manufacturers have structured ”brand portfolios” through cooperation and alliances; enthralling discussion of brand vs ownership vs country-of-origin [consider that the purchase of Swedish carmaker Volvo by the Geely Holding Group involved negotiations between The European Commission and China’s Ministry of Commerce!] Parment covers iconic brands such as BMW, the first automobile company to adopt a ”modern” approach to branding in the 1990s, and also looks at likely future developments with newer brands such as Kia, Hyundai and Chinese brands.

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